Simple Integration

Simple integration with existing POS. In built schedulers keep an eye on POS and powerful middle layer builds database cubes.

Vendor Analysis

Selecting a vendor and get best deals from vendor is key factor for any retail POS. Software has powerful feature to keep an eye on vendor purchase trends.

Tracking of Non-moving vs Fast moving items

Software will help showing non-moving inventory. Integrated feature keeps tracks of items on real time basis.

Top 10 Selling items

Software has powerful analysis to show top 10 or 20 or 50 items based on category like beer, wine or spirits. This helps user to compare items moving fast...


Take smart decisions using Dashboards. Gross Purchase, Gross Sales, Overall Revenue, Profit, Purchase, Vendors, Top selling items, Profit Ratio, Month on month...

Multi Location on Single Console

If you have multiple stores running under same umbrella, Software gives you bird eye view, Dashboard, Graphical charts and detail analysis about performance...

Multi Location Centralised Purchase

Software has powerful purchase planning. It shows inventory of several stores on single console, so that making a deal with vendor is very easy.

Purchase Planning / Auto Ordering

Software has powerful purchase planning. Dynamic planning will suggest items to purchase looking at historical data of that items.

Flexi Date Trends

A very special feature of software to track, compare and get results on sales trends on same date comparing your historical data for past 2 years on same date...

Machine Learning and Customer Behaviour

ML algorithms keeps track of wide range of inventory. ML keeps learning Customer behaviour pattern and accordingly stores and updates records...

Mobile application on Android

Highly statistical data like todays sales, last week sales, last month sales, year on year sales trends, operating profit, Vendor charts...

Trend Analysis

Trend of inventory movement helps store owner to maintain items on shelves always. Never run out of the stock.

Synch and Transfer Data

Opening a new store will be not a challenge anymore. Items including many parameters available at touch of finger tip to kick off new store, in just few hours.

Online Liquor Store and Online Ordering

To boost sales and hence profits, it is imperative to have web presence. We have ready to integrate Online Liquor Store, which integrates with our cloud based software...

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Manage your items, item description, case, in stock quantity, cost, price, vendor details, VPC codes everything.

360 Reporting

Starting from vendor to customer and purchase to sales. Hourly based, Daily , Weekly, monthly and Year on Year sales trends. Total control on store on sales, income, profit ratio.

Purchase Planning

Software has powerful purchase planning. Dynamic planning will suggest items to purchase looking at historical data of that items.

Seasonal Items

Some of items moves less frequently. Software helps identifying those inventory items.

Operating Profit Analysis

With special algorithms, Software keeps track of % margin and operating profit.

Cloud-Based Software

All data is safe, secure and accessible on cloud-based server. Easily accessible from anywhere with credentials.

Cost vs Price Ratio

Cost versus price ration will help to identify profitability.